Not all forms of water have life.

Not all forms of water have life.


In a report by Al Arabiya, the report sheds light on the bitter reality experienced by many people in African countries due to the lack of clean water. “Not all forms of water are life.” This is how the report titled the miserable reality, as it was mentioned that sometimes the abundance of water in some form may kill many countries, especially in Africa… That form is polluted water, even if the quantities of that water fill the places here. There, its radish is swamps and pools of water unfit for human use.

Many of our fellow human beings in these countries suffer from water pollution and the absence of sanitation services. Which produces a breeding environment for bacteria and the spread of contamination. However, insects in these areas drink polluted water and transfer it to humans, which causes many diseases, including malaria, diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid and polio.

The report stated that there are currently more than eight hundred and forty million people in the world without clean water, according to the World Health Organization. Which reported that eighty percent of all diseases in developing countries related to water and hygiene. In Africa… Consumption of contaminated water is one of the main causes of cholera spread. Contaminated water and poor hygiene are associated with transmission of diarrhoea, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid and polio.

Every minute, a newborn baby dies from infections caused by a lack of fresh water. According to reports, diarrhea caused by contaminated drinking water and poor hand hygiene kills more than eight hundred and forty thousand people annually. And more than three hundred and sixty thousand children under the age of five years in remote areas.

In this context, Debaj International is implementing water irrigation projects on behalf of the dealers, as these projects are implemented for the needy and deserving in the villages of Asia and Africa to help them and relieve them of the hardship and difficulties they suffer in life. Where many dealers take the initiative to participate in projects of watering water and digging wells of all kinds as a humanitarian initiative or ongoing charity on behalf of their families, believing that this charity does not only represent a drink of clean water for the needy, but rather it is the revival of a soul that contaminated water may cause its death.


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