Opening of Debaj International branch in Istanbul

Opening of Debaj International branch in Istanbul

Debaj International opened its new branch in Istanbul, Turkey, in the Yusufpaşa district. This opening came as a culmination of its successful work in the field of humanitarian work, and to achieve more effort in serving the vulnerable through water irrigation projects and building mosques and schools.

Debaj International, through its new branch, seeks to attract more dealers to expand the umbrella of humanitarian work and reach more needy and vulnerable people, especially in poor countries in the continents of Asia and Africa in countries such as Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Benin, Gambia and other African countries, who are deprived of basic needs from Clean drinking water and basic needs for education and the establishment of the rites of Islam through building mosques.

It is worth noting that 844 million people in the world – according to United Nations statistics – lack basic drinking water services, and that no less than 2 billion people use polluted water sources to meet their needs, whether for drinking or for simple daily use, causing them incurable diseases and causing death with time passing.

Many dealers with Debaj International seek to participate in this humanitarian work by digging water wells to be a current charity for them or an ongoing charity on behalf of their living or deceased parents, and also to help children deprived of the blessing of education by building schools and providing them with basic needs to lift them out of The clutches of ignorance and ease the difficulties of life on them.


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