What does it mean to dig a water well for the needy?

What does it mean to dig a water well for the needy?

When God Almighty said in the Noble Qur’an: “And We made from water every living thing,” this verse no longer means long streams to breathe life into the bodies of humans, trees and animals. Provide everything you need pairs of poverty and get rid of poverty.

Health: Contaminated water can transmit diseases such as diarrhoea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid and polio. It is estimated that contaminated drinking water causes half a million diarrheal deaths each year. The availability of clean water by digging a surface water well or digging an artesian water well through water irrigation projects saves children and adults from contracting communicable and incurable diseases to enjoy health and wellness in their bodies and thus preserves their lives to become active members in their community and not just dependent on their families, which makes matters worse and poorer . We have mentioned in another article about some statistics and studies that confirm this.

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Hunger: How can digging a water well in a poor village save the beneficiaries of this well from starvation. Poverty in some African and Asian countries means the need for food. The availability of clean water enables the beneficiaries of this well to grow some crops that need little water, as the resulting crop helps meet the basic daily needs of food.

Education: A clean source of drinking water in a small village helps to take care of education. How do? In many villages in Asia and Africa, the arduous journey of searching for water takes long hours every day, as children and women travel miles to get some water and possibly contaminated water, which they put in containers that they carry on their backs to cross again for miles on the way back to their homes. Surface and artesian wells provide that long lost time in the search for water, as it enables children to devote themselves to education, which provides them with a better sense of life and a future that lifts them out of ignorance and poverty.

Poverty: What we talked about previously, which is the treatment of health, hunger and poverty, represents basic factors that contribute to reducing poverty in general. The availability of health means relieving great burdens on families, families and individuals, enabling them to devote themselves to work and earn their livelihood while they are in good health. Agriculture, which depends on the availability of clean water, provides the daily needs of families and individuals for food, and thus ends a lot of suffering, as many of these families do not find anything in these poor villages to live on for several days. Not only that, but many are able to sell the surplus to become a source of income. It is no secret to us that education is a major factor in lifting many people out of poverty by obtaining jobs that provide them with a decent living.

That is why the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, urged the matter of charity by drinking water, as he said: “The best charity is giving water” because of his knowledge, peace and blessings of God be upon him, of the great impact on the availability of clean water on human life.

If you want to help the vulnerable by digging a water well, Debaj International implements water irrigation projects on behalf of the dealers, as these projects are implemented for the needy and deserving in the villages of Asia and Africa to help them and relieve them of the hardship and difficulties they suffer in life.


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